Urban mobility 2030

Mercedes in 2030

In the first half year of my master, 2013, Daimler approached the TU Delft to look for new autonomous mobility concepts for the year 2030. In a group of five, we tackled this from an urbanisation point of view. With developments of high connectivity and rapid technology, how will the world change the demand for urban mobility? The technology for autonomous driving is close to being realized, but consumer trust may have a long way to go. Our concept included a smart Mercedes ecosystem of hubs where electric modular cars could be rented (based on subscription services) to create a seamless web of mobility. Next to this strategy we also focused on the future business plan(s) and brand identity. Due to a non-disclosure agreement, full details cannot be shown until the beginning of 2014. Bummer! So why not show one of the dozens collages I made? Sweet!