Hi there!

How are you? I have to assume very good, because you can't really talk to me at the moment. Although I am spying on you through your webcam (just kidding). Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Nermin Camo and I'm a Dutch creative analyst / designer. As you may have noticed from the picture above, I don't have any blonde hair and blue eyes (I'm the one on the right by the way). My piercing brown-green-ish eyes come from Bosnia, where I was born 21 years ago. Those things above my eyes are my eyebrows, having an incredible height of 11 millimeters. Currently, I'm close to graduating from the master programme Strategic Product Design at the TU in Delft. This master of science combines design and business, focusing on the 'fuzzy' strategic stage that precedes the actual (detailed) development of a new product or service. The programme puts emphasis on translating corporate strategy in coherence with market developments and market opportunities into a sound product development portfolio. Of course not every SPD student is the same, we are no machines. What? You want to know what makes me different? What my thoughts on design are? I hope you brought your thinking hat, because here it goes.

We live in a fast moving world where more seems to be the goal. The current marketplace is cluttered with tons of products, which all have tons of features, promoted by tons of advertisements on tons of media. To be able to add meaning and stand out in all that clutter, a brand, company or product should (radically) differentiate itself. I strongly believe that this can be achieved by something, that I've for the time being, called 'stragentation'. A mix of strategy and presentation. A firm should know where and what it stands for, and if this is actually perceived in the right way by consumers. Nowadays, just owning a page on Facebook, for example, is not enough. It should tell a story and present the company's beliefs in every single aspect. This communication to its consumers gains trust, credibility and (maybe most important) sales. Hence, I'm very passionate about branding, brand development and -management.

During my bachelor Industrial Design and my current master I have had the privilege of working with some lovely companies. These are the following: